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The Social Impact and Corporate Responsibility (SICR) Awards introduces a new methodology designed to honor acts that impact humanity on a national scale. It provides insight into programs, strategies, inputs, outcomes and bold solutions provided by individuals and non-governmental institutions in catering for societal phenomenon.

The Awards program is an honorary scheme for non-governmental organizations and individuals that demonstrate extraordinary effort, sacrifice, innovation, leadership, and excellence in providing service to humanity.

The Award not only recognizes prominent international NGOs, but also the smaller, lesser-known NGOs and individuals whose exemplary service and success may have gone unnoticed.

Award Objectives

  • To raise the profile of individuals & organizations who provide help or support for societal phenomenon.
  • To honor outstanding individuals involved in the varied fields of charity and humanitarian work.
  • To celebrate the exceptional contributions of organizations to the Ghanaian community.
  • To provide formal recognition and showcase those who are providing valuable support to different communities in different parts of Ghana.
  • To promote the development of best practice and high standards for humanitarian service.
  • The scheme creates the opportunity for charitable organizations to tell their stories and spread awareness for their courses.
  • To be able to link and recommend donors and foundations to suitable organization
  • To create a common interactive medium where prevailing issues are identified and challenged.

Issues Addressed

  • Strong Nominees can be addressing a problem that affects a large geographic area signaling a large scale issue OR they could be serving a smaller geographic area that has tremendous suffering and need.
  • It’s important that the problem identified by the Nominee is significant both in size and severity.
    • What is the scale of the problem (e.g., number of people affected, geographic area of need)?
    • What is the significance of the change they are trying to make (e.g., depth of suffering averted, significance of opportunity gained, etc.)?
    • Did the Nominee demonstrate a significant understanding of the problem?

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for nomination organizations and individual can:

  • Be a humanitarian service organization anywhere in the world, although your Programs should be implemented in Ghana.
  • Have a representative that is 18 years of age or older
  • Nominated for the Awards.
  • Be an Individual who has shown exemplary leadership in charitable endeavors
  • Comply with all rules, restrictions, and processes laid out in these Official Rules.
  • Be a corporate organization who supports/funds charitable projects


  1. Nominated NGOs and individuals should be of outstanding character and reputation.
  2. NGOs nominated for Awards in specific areas should have substantial accomplishments in those areas, and demonstrated exceptional effort, innovation, initiative, leadership, and excellence in providing service to humanity.
  3. Awards may not be self-nominated; that is, individuals that are affiliated with an NGO are not to nominate their own NGO, and individuals may not nominate themselves for a SICR Award.

To be eligible for an award the following criteria’s must have been met:

  • Supporting documentation most importantly video evidence (short documentary)
  • Newspaper articles & personal testimonies.
  • Recommendations from direct beneficiaries, and a report of activities would be useful for the Awards Selection Committee.

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